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A percussionist, graduated from EAFIT University of Medellín (Colombia), and a student of several marimba curses in the United States, Europe, Colombia and Japan. He also pursued his master degree from the same above mentioned university, which emphasis was realized in Tokyo, Japan. In his master degree he specialized on marimba interpretation of some of the pieces from the standar repertoire, and Colombian and latino-american repertoire as well.


He has played percussion instruments in various orchestras, bands and chamber ensembles in his native country, Colombia, and has participated in national and international festivals of music with an emphasis on marimba and percussion.


Alejandro Ruiz has performed marimba as a soloist in various theaters in the country, and also on radio and television. He has been involved in musical productions, both in his own town and the rest of Colombia.


He has taught percussion at the two most important institutions in Medellín as the music is concerned: Universidad de Antioquia and Universidad EAFIT.


In 2011 he participated in the first Keiko Abe’s Latinoamerican Marimba Constest in Chiapas Mexico, where he obtained the second place.


The percussionist Alejandro Ruiz, aims to put a grain of sand in the vast musical landscape that offers the marimba, bearing in mind the legacy He has of the ancestral "piano jungle" chonta marimba.


From Bajo Cauca until Nariño there is a coastline region that is bathed by the Pacific Ocean, which is inhabited largely by afro-Colombian population. Colombia is a country rich in musical traditions and one of these events is reflected in the aforementioned instrument of African ascendancy whose creators settled in great numbers on the Colombian Pacific coast. With reference to the marimba chonta, percussionist Ruiz will reaffirm the sense of belonging to the Colombian culture and extended to Latin American culture and elsewhere.


"All the tunes that you are going to hear are from Colombian composers, and they come with an implicit premise: The sounds of Colombia!" Said the performer, with the hope that they are taking into account the preservation of the traditional Chonta Marimba for future generations of composers and performers to include in their music making.


"In the interpretation, I consider of vital importance to use the lesson’s influence I received from Japanese marimbist Keiko Abe and the other marimbists whom I have had the fortune to take lessons from and be led by the great pathways of the marimba, Always pragmatic, but without neglecting the firm intention to convey the message of the composer in a mystical, wise, respectful way."says percussionist Alejandro Ruiz.


Alejandro Ruiz es artistaYAMAHA L.A

Innovative percussion inc. artist

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